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Thick hair needs some of your extra attention, and there are certain hair care nuances, you should t

1. Shampooing: Every man determines the frequency of his hair shampoo, he feels comfortable with, but Tracy Strycker at Salon Allegra agrees that it’s not recommended to shampoo your hair as often as every other day. If you comb your locks before washing, you will prevent tangling and make the coming styling procedure much easier.

2.Hair colour : If you are planning a drastic hair colour change, remember that with thick hair it’s more difficult to achieve the quality result in case you opt to do the job yourself. Therefore, it’s better to make an appointment with an experienced hair stylist.

3.Haircuts: Opt for a layered haircut of any length, appealing to you personally, but remember that you don’t need the unnecessary bulk. A layered haircut will guarantee you a full range of hairstyle options. Any length works well with thick hair, on condition that you get the right type of layering and point cut ends.

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