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                                                                                             Salon Allegra's Policy


Salon Allegra has established clear policies to ensure smooth operations and maintain the highest level of satisfaction for both the salon and its clients:


1. **Cancellation Policy:**

   - **48-Hour Notice:** Clients who cancel their appointment within 48 hours of the scheduled time are subject to a fee that equals 50% of the service cost.

   - **Same-Day Cancellations or No Shows:** Clients who cancel on the same day of their appointment or fail to show up will be charged a fee equivalent to 100% of the service cost.


2. **Refund Policy:**

   - **No Monetary Refunds:** Once a service is completed, the salon does not offer monetary refunds. However, should there be any dissatisfaction with a service, Salon Allegra provides the option for complimentary fixes. These fixes are available within 7 days following the service, subject to approval, ensuring client satisfaction with the results.


3. **Consultation and Pricing:**

   - **Customized Pricing:** Service prices at Salon Allegra are determined based on a personal consultation, ensuring tailored and accurate pricing for each client’s specific needs.

   - **Price Adjustments:** The salon reserves the right to modify service prices at any time without prior notice, allowing flexibility and adaptability in its pricing structure.


These policies are designed to foster a transparent and fair environment, ensuring that both the salon and its clients have a mutual understanding of expectations and responsibilities.

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