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Are you dreading your toddler's hair cutting? Fear not. Here are some simple tips

1. Prepare them: Tracy Strycker from Salon Allegra's advices you to talk with your child about what happens when they get their haircut. That way the scissors, clippers and razors won't be a surprise -- or scary -- to the little people. Plus, if it’s not a surprise, then they are less likely to freak about it.

2. Stand firm with boundaries: Whatever rules of behaviour

you have need to apply everywhere -- at home, in the barber shop or wherever. Keeping things consistent is half the battle to having happy, well-behaved kids.

No matter how you decide it’s going to go down. You’ll need to make sure your kid is ready for the eventualities of their trim. It’s up to you to help make their first haircut a happy time.


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