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2019 makeup trends for the everyday WOMAN

1. It's all about lined eyes.

If you're a little rusty in the eyeliner department, it's time to brush up on your skills. "It can be a soft smudgy pencil close to the lash line, or a liquid liner that flicks out at the end.

2. Natural-looking brows > Instagram brows.

We've seen a lot of overdrawn "Instagram brows" in 2018 but it's time clean those up a bit. Don't pluck to oblivion like we all did in the '90s, but instead clean up and shape in a natural arch.

3.The '90s had a lot of dark liner, and sometimes solely liner, looks but the 2019 version is all about natural and neutral. Instead of flat browns that were so popular, it will be a hint of brown, earthy, but with a warmer undertone.

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