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What's your tone ?

As many of us know, the right hair colour can give life to your complexion and take years off your look. However, how many of us know that skin tone and hair shade must complement each other?

It is recommended for fairer tones to go warm, medium tones to go neutral, and darker tones to go cool. Warm tones are considered olive or golden hues, for those with fair skin. The gold or warm tones reflect warmth onto the skin. If you use an ash colour, you may look washed out. Medium tones should stay neutral; not too cool or too warm but a bit of both. Deeper skin tones should stay in cool tones (for example: pinks or blues) to keep hair from looking flat.

One simple test to discover your tone is simply called, “the vein test.” Take a look on the inside of your wrist. See your veins? If they look purple or blue, you are cool toned. If your veins seem green then you are warm toned.

Tracy Strycker of Salon Allegra says, “I take their wrists and look into their eyes, and like a skin-tone oracle inform them that they were either warm, cool, a combination of both or neutral.”

The last tone often results in confusion.

“If you, like me, went 'Huh?' while looking at your inner arm, you may be neutral.” says Tracy.

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