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Silver Hair , Don’t Care

Going grey is a fantastic way to explore new options. There is more that meets the eye when you make this transition. For some people going grey is the end of constantly colouring your hair on a regular basis. If your hair is a dark colour the process takes time and you need to use products that prevent any damage to your lovely locks.

Sometimes going blonde at first is an easy way to transition. It’s so much easier for men to go grey because their hair is generally shorter. Using a semi permanent hair colour instead of permanent hair colour masks the roots when they come in, while allowing you to let the natural grey show when you are ready.

Tracy Strycker is a stylist at Salon Allegra and she reminds us that if you wear this new hair style for a period of time and don’t like it you can always use another hair colour. It’s your hair and the choice is up to you.

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