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Clarifying shampoo and why you need it

Thereʼs a shampoo for every hair type out there, whether itʼs volume, hydration, shine, frizzy whatever; you want ;thereʼs a shampoo bottle that says itʼll do it. But then there are others whose purposes are less clear? What is clarifying shampoo" Do we really need it" Are we truly dirty enough to necessitate thorough clarification, something that goes beyond your average wash-and-go session" As far as our hair is concerned, itʼs getting your hair to look fantastic.

Clarifying shampoo is, for all intents and purposes, like your regular shampoo but a more deep-cleansing shampoo. Tracy Strycker from Salon Allegra informs us that all shampoos will cleanse your hair of the usual oil and residue, but a targeted clarifying formula will cut through more stubborn dirt and build up.

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