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Real talk about mens grooming

For 2017, we saw the mainstream of really clean mens grooming . There were really clean fades , texture and movement of mens hair that was less polished and wet with more of a dishevelled texture.

During my stay in Iceland I was inspired by being around a lot of men at a music fest + also spending a lot of time in barbershops observing. On a trip to NYC I attended a short hair cutting class at Damien West and I also observed in a men only barbershop in Manhattan. The barbershops in the Azores are some of the most interesting and up to date even though it’s small Island in the middle of the Atlantic. In March I was at the largest hair show in North America where it is 40 % mens hair etc.

What I find is an evolution of men and how they style their hair . My clients now understand products and they get that they actually have to style their hair . I have found a huge increase in teenage boys wanting to step up their hair cuts. I do think we are running out of ideas on new hair cuts . There a huge desire for men wanting their individual styles and look.


Iceland airwaves

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