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Salon Allegra offers a healthier solution for hair colour

CHI Permanent Shine Ammonia Free colour leaves my clients hair feeling healthy, shiny and well conditioned plus with the no ammonia formulation, the salon environment is healthier for my clients. The aloes, adds it’s protections for sensitive dry scalps & helps heal damaged hair. It’s also formulated without PPD and has no smell.

CHI Colour pigments – Deliver unbelievable radiance, shine and longevity. Tracy Strycker the solo stylist who owns Salon Allegra which is located in Fonthill finds the colour last 30% longer than the other professional hair colour products available .

Prices :

$40 for retouch ( root )

$45 for full colour above the shoulder

$55 + for colour below the shoulder

Tracy Strycker - solo stylist + Salon Allegra owner with the Chi rep from Montreal.

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