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If only my hairstylist could travel with me on vacation

Life of a snowbird or winter traveller is wonderful , but who will do your hair and how can it be maintained ? Tracy Strycker has several clients that ask these questions but it's not as difficult as you think. Depending on the length of your visit, you always need a plan. For those clients who are more structured with schedules they can always book appointments before and after the trip with Tracy at Salon Allegra. This assures you that your timing will be perfect especially if you have hair colour services. The online booking makes it easier to book an appointment prior to returning.

Finding a barber or hair stylist while you are away is easy if you have a longer term stay in one location. Simply look at other peoples hair in your community and if you like it find out there stylist or barbers contact info and book an appointment. Tracy also sends the colour formulas if requested and will correspond with your barber or stylist if you feel this is necessary.

Choosing a temporary place is easy . If you feel welcome when walking in and the prices and service quality are a match then you are on your way . Remember to pack your hair care products and take some extra deep conditioner no matter what the elements.

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