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Look your BEST during the Holidays with ammonia FREE Hair colour

Achieve beautiful, longer lasting professional colour results and maintain the integrity of hair with ammonia-free , permanent and shiny hair. It’s developed with ceramic and infrared technology that helps provide maximum colour penetration for brilliant radiance.

More and more people are colouring their hair these days, causing the range of colours and types of dye to rapidly expand. Sadly, the dangers of certain additives in the dye are also growing at the same rate. Ammonia is still a chemical that is widely used in many dyes. It is an increasing danger not only to you, but to the stylists, their other clients, the local environment, and even the ocean. With roughly 60% of women colouring their hair regularly, along with an increasing number of men, ammonia-based dyes are corrupting our systems and those of the ecosystems that surround us.

Long Lasting Colour. "I am in love with the fresh scent and it's very long lasting colour!" - Drew,

The colour seems to cover my grey 100% and makes my hair look natural- Jim,

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