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Permanent hair colour : 101

Is permanent hair colour something that lasts forever ?

Even though six weeks is the standard, that actually only covers the time when the hair colour is most saturated. “Because of the higher ammonia content, the pigment in permanent colour tends to oxidize faster than when you’re using a toner, say Tracy Strycker hairstylist at Salon Allegra . “After 6 weeks, the hair has been exposed to the environment as well as getting shampooed and heat styled, causing the pigment to fade. A vibrant red colour might dull down a bit after 6 weeks. or a brunette shade can look flat after that length time.” Tracy also tells us to bear in mind regrowth maintenance– if roots aren’t your thing, you’ll be touching them up a lot.

How do I maintain a permanent hair colour?

“Commitment is key,” says Tracy , “If you want to change your hair, be aware that it’s chemically processed and that there’s nothing removing the artificial pigment when you shampoo. A colour treated shampoo and conditioner are sulphate free and don't contain any other harsh detergents that strip out the colour on each shampoo. The gentle ingredients of a colour safe shampoo won't exfoliate the hair – they remove oil and dirt without scrubbing into the cuticle.

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