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Keep your hair in good condition the last few weeks of Summer

Between the sun, sea and sand, our hair in the summer gets a pretty rough deal.

Which all means that before you even think about creating those beachy waves, you need to start treating your locks to hair masks and treatments to get it into tip top condition.

Here’s how

1. Use A Hair Mask

Tracy Strycker from Salon Allegra agrees that a nourishing mask applied once a week at home is enough to coax hair into good condition.

Switch your usual shampoo and conditioner for seriously moisturizing formulas.

2. Give Your Hair The Salon Treatment

If you're off to Salon Allegra to get your colour ask Tracy to use oplax . It's the hair-saving miracle every celeb swears by and will help keep your hair silky soft even under the ravages of hair dye. While you're there get a good healthy trim.

Just because you're not swimming, doesn't mean your hair doesn't need protecting. Using an after sun conditioner in your hair

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