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Encouraging Thick Hair

Who would have thought that by simply shampooing and styling your hair in a different way, you could encourage your hair to increase thickness? There are a few simple ways to encourage thicker hair.

You can stop shampooing your hair every day, and try to limit your showers to three or four times a week. For some people, a few weeks are needed to let the scalp adjust to your new routine. Keep your water cooler, rather than hot. Hot water causes hair to dry out and become brittle. Cold water actually protects the hair by making the shaft stay flat. Gently pat your hair dry, rather than tightly wringing it out. Let it air dry. The less fussing-the less breakage.

Find the right brush to use on your hair, and learn how to properly use it. Avoid brushing wet hair. Doing so will actually thin out the hair. Detangle wet hair with a wide-tooth comb, and brush when dry.

Protect your hair from outdoor elements, such as the sun and wind. A simple scarf or cap will protect your hair from bleaching and drying out

You can also use products, both natural and professional, to encourage growth and thickness. Products with Aloe and Avocado oil work well. Deep conditioning also helps to keep hair healthy, and when hair is healthy, it grows to be fuller. Remember to eat well, especially foods with protein such as fish, lean meats, legumes, and chicken. Vitamin B and Biotin also help encourage hair to become thicker.

If you have any questions about getting thicker hair, no one is better qualified to give an answer than your stylist. Tracy Stryker of Salon Allegra is a perfect example of a stylist who is knowledgeable and experienced. She has even more suggestions on how to grow thicker hair, go ahead and ask.

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