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Mature Hair Care

Mature hair care starts before you are even considered mature. The saying, “Prevention is the best medicine,” is very true.

Start by picking a hair style that suits y our lifestyle, your face shape, hair texture and taste of fashion. Also pick something easy to care for. No one wants to spend time on their hair instead of having fun at a dinner, party or just hanging out with friends. Shorter styles are usually easier to manage as you mature. They require less effort to maintain and manage.

Regular trims keep your mature hair looking fresh, neat and keeps the ends healthy. Mature hair can be prone to split ends, so regular trims prevent that type of damage from spreading. Use gentle products, especially shampoo, with mature hair. You can prevent your hair from drying out by letting your hair air dry after a wash rather than using a blow dryer. Dryness can also be prevented by wearing a hat or head cover when outside in the elements. There are shampoos and conditioners with sunscreen. By wearing a hat or scarf, you will also be preventing your hair’s colour from bleaching out.

Sometimes a new colour helps keep mature hair looking fresh and vibrant. Always ask your stylist for the best colour and product for your hair. It is always a good idea to speak to a stylist before making any drastic change, as the stylist has the experience to give you the best cut and colour possible. Find a salon where you feel comfortable and trust those in charge of working with your hair.

Because mature hair is different than most hair, it deserves to have its own type of care regimen. As with any type of hair question, speak to an experienced stylist like Tracy Stryker of Salon Allegra. Tracy knows how to tailor her care and products to best suit her clients needs.

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