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Busy moms take heart ❤️

Mothers give all of themselves for their children. They will go without, just to see their baby smile. This can be from giving up the last piece of pie, to ignoring the need for a haircut. Busy moms take heart! It doesn’t have to be this way! Tracy Stryker of Salon Allegra is a working mom, herself. She has many ideas to help busy moms take care of themselves. Don’t hesitate to ask her for ideas. Here are a few ideas for hair care for busy moms. Get a hairstyle that suits your lifestyle: Look for a style that you like and can maintain with little time and effort. Sometimes a shorter cut is easier to maintain. It keeps your look fresh and chic. Getting regular trims also keeps the look fresh, and hair healthy. If you have any concerns or questions, always consult an experienced hairstylist. Use Simple Styles: Find styles you can do quickly and look nice. Social media is full of creative up-do tutorials, but the best person to ask is your hair stylist, like Tracy Stryker at Salon Allegra. Sometimes busy moms just don’t have time to be creative with their own hair. Twists, braids with ribbons or accessories, pony-tails and buns are just a few simple, but classy styles. You can switch styles every couple weeks or so. Use accessories as much as possible. If you don’t want to put your hair up, you can still keep things interesting with adding waves. Braid your damp hair tightly and leave in over night. In the morning, unbraid and enjoy. Use Multi-use products and have the right Tools: Keep things quick and simple by cutting down on the amount of products you use. Conditioner is always a good moisturizer for the hair, you do not need several types. Leave your conditioner overnight if you want to deep condition. Find good quality tools. Good tools will cut down on preparation time and actual use time (for example, straightening irons.) Quick and Organized Care: Be organized. Know what you want to do with your hair, have the right tools and care items set out and ready. It helps to have all your hair care items in one spot. Stick to your idea. Always moisturize. Unless your job or lifestyles requires daily or frequent Shampooing, only do so when needed. Dry shampoo can be your friend on the incredibly hectic days. Baby powder can be used in a pinch as well. Dry shampoo also adds texture to your hair, so you can keep that in mind too. Washing just the top of your head is also a helpful option when you are short on time.  

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