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What causes limp hair?

Limp hair can be caused by so many thing. It is usually caused by improper hair care. Usually we loose it around age 20. Heat , chemicals treatment, genetics, smoking and health issues such as stress . One of the common causes is improper hair care. If hair is not washed, conditioned, and groomed properly then it can go limp. A few hair care tips for those with limp hair- Using a shampoo with a thickening formula. It adds body , volume and strength to limp hair and weak hair strands. A protein reconstructive deep conditioner should be used once a week to . It improves the structure of the hair. Before applying heat to your hair use a heat protector. It also enhances shine. How to prevent limp hair - Follow a balanced diet which is rich in fresh fruits and vegetables. Also, balance your carbs and proteins. Eat some Mediterranean type of fats like olive oil, fish, and other sea food. Drink plenty of water too. Use the correct hair styling tool and products. Tracy Strycker from Salon Allegra believes a good hair cut and colour makes a difference . For men or woman consider a shorter, textured cut. Ladies could consider a layered bob and then colour it. Hair colour adds thickness to thin hair but natural adds volume.  

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