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Protecting Hair in Cold Weather

Take care of the Inside-Eat Well-

One simple, yet very important, way to have healthy hair during the cold months is to eat well. You need to get those essential fatty acids. You can get these from foods such as Purslane, avocado, olive oil or coconut cream. Nuts and seeds are also good sources of fatty acids.

Take care of the Outside -Nourish Skin and Hair

The outside of the body needs to be cared for as well, and this includes hair. Oils that saturate and protect hair strands and scalp will keep hair from becoming dry and brittle. Deep conditioning is another helpful necessity, as is brushing your hair properly. Leave-In Conditioner can be used as well, and is a handy way of keeping hair moisturized. Keep your hair covered by a hat or scarf when outside. By covering your hair, you are protecting it from the cold and outside elements.

Ask your hairstylist if you ever have any questions ask Tracy Strycker at Salon Allegra about its care, especially in the winter.

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