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Tips For Keeping Hair Fresh at the Office

Products to keep handy at the Office

A hairbrush is essential to good office hair. It doesn’t need to be a full-sized brush, but it needs to suit your type of hair. Ionic brushes are ideal for controlling static, but you can always buy anti-static spray. The spray can be put on your clothes, hair or brushes.

There are many different anti-frizz serums you can get for your hair to keep it fresh while you work. Find one that is protein-enriched, and spread it all through your hair. Mousse can be used to volumize, lift, boost or define your hair. This product can be purchased in travel size so it can be easy to carry and use at the office. Hairspray can be used to add shine to your hairstyle through the day. Lightly spritz your hair when needed. Dry shampoo can come in handy if you get called to a sudden meeting or need to freshen your look as it will absorb any extra sebum.

What can you do if your hair needs a quick refreshing while at work?

Here are two simple styles you can put together while at the office, using only bobby pins.

When you want your hair down, but still out of your face, simply use a deep part and some bobby pins. Pin the extra, wispy hair and back to work you go! You can also do an easy, twisted side-bun. Just take your hair and twist it around your fingers. Curl the twisted hair into a spiral and pin to secure. It is a simple, classy look.

Hair clips, bobby pins and hair bands are always helpful in creating a fresh look, and are easy to carry around or store. For example, favourite bobby pins or hair clips can easily be stored in an office desk drawer or purse.

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