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Whether a fashionable hat is the finishing touch to your outfit or you just want to stay warm, a hat can destroy your hair style and turn it into a frizzy, flattened mess, faster than you can say... fedora. Here’s how to prevent hat hair and keep your style looking fresh.

Head Start Make sure your hair is completely dry. If your hair is wet or damp, it will dry flat under a hat.

Go Big

Beanies, toques and fitted hats that stay close to the head will flatten hair and can cause your scalp to perspire which will result in a very bad hair day. So choose a hat that isn’t too tight.

Take it Off

The longer you wear a hat the more it will leave its mark. Whenever you can, remove it if you want your hair to look freshly styled (and avoid unpleasant creases on your forehead). Consider alternatives like scarves, winter hair bands and earmuffs when you want your hair to look its best.

Damage Control

Once indoors, revive your style with a dry shampoo, texturizing product or hair spray to add volume. A good trick is to spray the product onto your fingers and then work it through to the roots. Hair spray is a miracle worker when it comes to adding texture and

smoothing out frizz.

Fight Static

Hats made of natural fibres like cotton, cashmere or 100% wool are less likely to cause static than synthetics like polyester, rayon and nylon. Also, brushing hair can cause static! So, to fight fly-always when inside, use a boar-bristle brush or loosen your locks with your fingers-turn your head up-side down and shake your hair loose.

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