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Holiday hair for the guys

Party season is well under way and extends past New Years Eve. Our social calendars are set and are pretty full throughout the entire month of December. Whether it’s the annual office party, a night out with friends or big family gathering, we all need to plan our outfits and, of course, hairstyles for the upcoming events.

Formal/Smart Events

You should always look to style your hair based on what you’re wearing and the occasion. For example, a messy bed head isn’t entirely appropriate for a formal black tie dress code. If you were attending an event where you are expected to dress smartly, wearing a suit and tie, then it would be wise to complement the look with traditional, neatly groomed hair.

However, regardless of how you normally wear your hair, for this time of year I think it’s important to have a sharper haircut that is well maintained and in great shape. Try opting for a classic cut that can be worn in different ways, for ultimate versatility.

Personally, I would suggest going shorter through the back and sides to keep the edges looking clean and tidy. If you maintain some length through the top then the hairstyle can look completely different depending on the way it’s blow-dried and your choice of styling product.

More Casual

Make sure you show off the texture of the haircut and have some fun with how you wear it.

It’s nice to have a bigger or more exaggerated hairstyle at these events, especially when you consider the more conservative way many of us wear our hair at work. Experiment and get creative – it’s only hair, and if it gets too big you can always calm it down with some hairspray or by running your fingers through it.

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