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Damaged hair is a thing of the PAST

Today the environment as well as the various products and chemical hair services can wreak havoc on our hair. There is no need to give in. You can have that is healthy and shiny no matter what the under lying issue.

Here are a few services and products recommended and used regularly at Salon Allegra.

Clarifying shampoo -

Deep Conditioner -simply put, deep conditioners are a more intense, thick conditioner that fully penetrates your hair’s strands. It gets into the cracks (cuticle) of your hair to repair it.

that can ‘coat’ the outside of your hair.

it will remove any unwanted residue and styling products

Hair processing formula – is a professional additive that protects hair from

damage during the colour and perm services not just afterwards.

Sealer- The sealer is designed to protect hair from other damage and restore the

pH balance.

You can colour your hair from dark hair to blonde, perm fine hair, and lock in

colour such as reds by using these various services in our salon. Your hair never looked of felt BETTER!!

Before and After

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