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Hairstyles for the 50 +

Age is just a number; don’t let it dictate your hairstyle! There are many ways to keep your mature, short hair looking modern and fresh. Whether you are looking for something easy to manage, fun and chic or a style with a variety of options, there are always choices of hairstyles for those 50 plus.

Spice up the Pixie!

Have a sassy twist to your pixie cut by curling the hair, then styling it straight up. This style is trimmed close on the sides and ears. It creates attitude without hassle.

Tapered to Suit

If you are looking for a hairstyle with slimming qualities, try a short cut. Create volume on the top with tapered, textured ends.

A Classy Classic

The tapered, chin-length bob is popular and flattering for most women, no matter what their face shape. A side part keeps the look fresh and modern.

Love the Layers

Another favourite shorthair cut is the layered bob. The many layers add a feathery look, and create a soft texture.

Maximum Layers

This layered look begins its cut at the jawline and is accompanied by layers throughout the style. Bangs and a side part add interest and a frame to the face.

Pixie Perfection

This isn’t your typical pixie cut. It tapers close to ears and neck, but has a feminine length on top. For those looking for a soft, sleek look that doesn’t take a lot of time, this cut will be a good choice.

Big and Bold

Pick a bold colour to add drama to this short style. The hair is tapered on the sides and edges, with long layers on top. It creates a full silhouette for those looking for body.

Spiked with Fun

Not as short as some pixie cuts, this particular style leaves hair a bit longer on the edges and fringes. This allows you to spike the hair and style to your taste. A small bang helps add to the look.

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