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Hair Mistakes That Make You Seem Older

A poor choice in hairstyles can age you by decades, even if you aren’t that old. Here are a few common mistakes that often make you look older than you really are. You will more than likely be guilty of at least one of these issues. Don’t worry. There are simple remedies!

Issue One: Using a Colour that Makes You Look Washed Out

It is the most common, and simple, way to look older. Think about your skin tone, and find a root base that seems natural. Use subtle highlights around the ends and face. By doing this, you will bring out your skin and eyes.

Tracy Stryker, from Salon Allegra, says, “I recommend using a semi permanent hair colour if you don’t want to do the up keep of permanent hair colour. It fades out the more you shampoo your hair but you won’t have the regrowth from a permanent colour.”

Issue Two: Letting your hair grow too long between cuts

Simple trims will keep your styles fresh and neat. Trims also prevent split ends, keeping your hair healthy and youthful.

Tracy recommends having a hair cut every five weeks if you have short hair, and every eight weeks for long hair.

Issue Three: Damaged Ends

We have all seen it, the fluffy, rough, dry tips. Regular trims will make the edges of your hair look fresh and young. Damaged ends make your hair, and overall look, very aged. Do deep conditioning at least once a month.

For this issue, Tracy says, “I recommend using a reconstructive conditioner which repairs and maintains you hair. Keep it trimmed regularly.”

Issue Four: A Dated Style

Looking older can come from the simple mistake of keeping your high school hairstyle for too long. For example, the over-layered cut with “stripe” highlights, will add years to your whole look. Having an out of date style will make you look tired.

Tracy says, “The biggest don’t- a hair cut that doesn’t suit your life style. Also comment on bright hair colour highlights that aren’t professionally applied and are faded out.

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