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Summer Vacation Beauty Check List

The week before a trip get all your must have bathing suit prep services booked. First should be a bikini wax or sugaring . It’s always an awkward (and painful) process to get this service done but I have few tips on how to make it a wee bit better. First, exfoliate “down there” the morning of your appointment. This will banish the excess skin, which makes the process a lot less painful.

Hair free, check!

Next get your hair cut and conditioned ( treatments are a must have in the summer). If you use colour or highlights etc. book your appointment as close to the travel date as possible so your hair looks it’s very best.

Hair style,check!

For ladies : Brow and lash tinting are a life saver . You will wake up in the morning with gorgeous lashes and your brows will look picture perfect the whole vacation even after a swim. Get your brows waxed to maintain the perfect arch.

Lash and Brow,check!

Gosh, it takes a lot of work , but it was worth it. Especially when there’s a beach vacation to look forward to.

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