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Men there is an alternative to shaving every day

Men here’s a simple solution to shaving each and every day

There is nothing like a well-groomed man to make a girl’s heart flutter, or impress a potential boss. Men are often intimidated when they have their legs, face, back or chest waxed, whether it is because of having a “macho” image, or they are worried about the pain. You can see many horror waxing-videos on YouTube, but you need to remember that those people are Not professionals. By going to a professional to get a wax or sugaring, you are in the safe hands of someone with experience. You will save time, energy and emotions. When you do go to a professional, stay relaxed during the procedure. The professional will use the right kind of wax or sugar, and the right thickness for each part of your body.

Have you ever thought about getting a wax or sugaring? Both ways are effective, and done in a similar fashion. Each method can last up to six weeks before needing to be done again.

What’s the Difference?

Sugaring: Sugaring products don’t stick to live skin cells. Instead, it exfoliates as it is used. It can be used on any length of hair. Sugaring is done at room temperature. It is a mix of sugar and liquid, often lemon juice. It is applied like wax, so it sets for a moment after applications. It is then “flicked” away in the same direction as the hair grows. Sugaring is used the same way as wax, and for the same places.

Waxing: usually made of resins, it is heated to a comfortable temperature before applying. The most common form of waxing done is called “strip waxing.” This is where warm wax is applied to an area, and a strip of cloth is placed over top. The wax sticks to the cloth, which is quickly pulled back in the opposite direction of the hair growth. Tracy Strycker at Salon Allegra puts some powder on first to prevent wax sticking to the skin.

Waxing and sugaring for men is gaining in popularity at a rapid rate. It is commonly known as manscaping. Men are getting everything done from eyebrows to private areas. The most popular areas for men to have waxed are the chest, back, feet, toes and butt. It is also common for wives and girlfriends to support their men’s procedures, giving them as gifts.

Why are men doing this? Waxing and sugaring leave a clean feeling, and gets rid of unwanted hair. These procedures give a professional, respectable trimmed look. Men don’t have to worry about their five o’clock shadow or ingrown hairs. When a man waxes or sugars, he is also saving time and money, as he won’t have to shave every day.

So men, don’t be afraid, and don’t worry. Waxing and sugaring is just as masculine as shaving. Be ready for a comfortable, and very close, hair removal method.

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