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Hair Tips for Those Glorious Silvers

Hair Tips for Those Glorious Silvers

We may not feel our age, but sometimes our bodies say differently. This often happens with our hair. You may not know your mature hair has its own special needs, so it may help to speak to your stylist for advice. Salon Allegra caters to many different ages and lifestyles. Stylist Tracy Strycker keeps on top of latest hair trends and hair health so she can give top service to everyone.

There are a couple different types of aging. Wear and tear ages your hair. You can have a youthful scalp, but your hair's ends can be worn and dry from styling and products, excessive colouring and pollution. Hormonal aging brings the grey hairs, baldness and hair that becomes porous, limp, thin, dry and dull. The hair around the crown of the head gets thinner as we age. There are ways to enjoy our hair, and keep it healthy.

Tips to Help You Enjoy Your Mature Hair

• Protection: Use natural products and avoid expensive chemical treatments which can be too harsh for your hair. Like using sunblock to protect your skin from the sun, find shampoos, conditioners and products that have UV protection. Wear a hat or scarf when outside. Care for your hair like you do your skin.

• Diet: Eat healthy. Take necessary vitamins and supplements to maintain health. Have some form of exercise that you can handle. Include foods rich in iron, vitamin D, zinc, protein and iodine in your diet.

• Use the Right Products: Avoid products with heavy chemicals like alcohol. Use products that encourage hair health and growth. Treatments that nourish, rebalance and moisturize the scalp and strengthen the hair fibers will help. Always condition your hair, even if you don't shampoo. Use conditioners, masks and specially designed shampoos.

Massaging your scalp helps with circulation and spreading nutrients to encourage hair growth.

• The Right Cut: Get a haircut that suits your face and lifestyle. Keep blow-drying and styling to a minimum. Let your hair dry naturally. You can squeeze the excess water out by blotting with a towel. Tight ponytails or curlers can also cause damage and hair loss, so limit your time with those.

• The Right Temperature: Cool showers are better for your hair. They protect your hair from becoming dry, by closing the cuticles. Avoid showering too often, as you will be removing too much of the natural oils provided by your scalp. You need those oils to keep your hair healthy and happy. Don't try to look younger, embrace your age and the life you have lived. Don't let fashion or opinions of others dictate the style or hair care you wish to have and receive. Be proud of who you are, and your age.

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