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Hair Styles for the Busy Senior

More and more seniors find themselves caring for ailing spouses, family members and grandchildren. Seniors, although busy, still want to look up-to-date and stylish. A low-maintenance hair style is necessary to enjoy daily life and all the demands that come with it.

Highlights, lowlights or semi-permanent hair colour are great low-maintenance touches for seniors for vacations, events or seasonal looks. By getting these special treatments, you can save money by not needing a full colour every six weeks.

There are a few easy things that can be done to help older clients have current cuts and look great, while on a tight schedule. The points to address are volume, length, and if you want or have curls, waves or a buzz-type cut.

Volume: As we age, hair gets thinner. To combat this, add volume. To add volume, add layers. Let the layers dry naturally after being washed. You can use mousse or voluminous shampoo. Getting bangs also makes our hair look thicker.

Length: Most men look good in a layered cut that is longer on the top. Keep the cut short around the back of the head and ears. Add product like mousse to add volume or comb to the side.

Buzz Cuts: Buzz cuts look great at any age, but this style is great for seniors. Go to a stylist every six weeks. It's an easy style to take care of, and has a sharp, clean look. This type of cut is also good on those who are struggling with thinning hair.

Waves: The endless variety of shorter styles help wavy hair, making it easy to manage. You can let the styles dry naturally or add product.

Curls: Curls, such as a perm, can be an easy style to manage, you just need to use the right shampoo and products. With perms, hair is cut all one length. You can add mousse, conditioner or other product to help care for your perm. For styling, you can simply wash and dry. Hair clips or head bands can be used to keep the hair out of your face.

Tracy Strycker, from Salon Allegra, understands how punctuality plays an important role in the lives of seniors who have a loved one at home and the need to take care of their hair. She takes great care when it comes to the needs of her elderly clients. Taking care of a loved one does not mean you can't take care of yourself too.

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