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Stress-free Frizzy Hair Care

Frizzy hair can be a daily struggle or it can come after a business trip, vacation or summer sun. It tends to be dull, lifeless and difficult for styling.

What is the cause?

As we age, our scalps produce less and less natural oils. Our hair develops a whole new growth pattern as we get older. Less oils also means less moisture. Lack of adequate moisture is also one of the main villains, followed closely by humidity, blow dryers, salty or chlorinated water and harsh chemicals. Using the wrong shampoo for your hair type can also be an issue.

Here are some tips to fight frizzy hair, no matter what your age is.

First, pick the right shampoo for frizzy hair. Since you know your hair is frizzy, use a glycerin shampoo, make sure it is sulphate free. This type of shampoo hydrates hair from the inside out by penetrating the shafts of hair. It also forms a sort of protective layer on the hair. Avoid those hair products with high ammonia content and anything with alcohol, as both ingredients have drying effects. Read labels and look for products with hydrating ingredients like olive or coconut oil.

The next thing to remember is to condition, condition, condition! Never skip the conditioner. As with the shampoo, look for a conditioner containing glycerin and other hydrating elements. A couple times a each week simply use conditioner instead of shampoo. Most conditioners have a form of sulphate that still cleans your hair, but mostly conditions. You can continue to combat frizzy hair by using a deep conditioning mask once a week. You should leave the masks on for several minutes, most products will have an “optimum” time in the directions. Another option is to check out the leave-in conditioners.

Try to avoid blow-drying your hair too often. If you need to use styling utensils, let your hair dry almost all the way before using the dryer to finish it off. Hot air dehydrates the hair. Use moisturizing products before you use any styling utensils. By doing this, you are combating any damage the heat will cause to your hair and prevent it from getting even frizzier.

One more way to fight frizzy hair is to brush, brush, brush. You may think this sounds crazy, but when you use an appropriate brush, you work the natural oils through your hair. Brushing moves the oils from your scalp to the ends of your hair and keeps it hydrated. A wide-tooth comb or detangling brush is also helpful.

Whenever you have a question or any concerns, always ask your hair stylist. Tracy Stryker of Fonthill's Salon Allegra, knowledge and education about your hair, styles and products are part of the service. Your hair says as much about your personality as anything else, and by taking care of your hair you are allowing your personality to shine.

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