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Hair Show's are an Inspiration

Have you ever wondered how your hairstylist keeps up-to-date on hair trends? Hows does your stylist continue to learn new styles and about new products? Of course, stylists can read and research, but there is nothing as educational as attending a hair show. Tracy Stryker of Salon Allegra regularly attends hair shows in both Canada and the United States to stay current and continue learning. She says the shows are like a rock concert. There are so many people, so much going on and so much to experience. Hair shows are held all over the world, and you don't need to be connected to a salon to go.

Benefits Of A Hair Show

At a hair show, you will be able to see new trends in colour, styles, techniques and products. You will be able to mingle and speak with other people who share the same interests and are passionate about hair. Everyone discovers something new. It is the perfect atmosphere to learn new techniques, how to do a new style and try out a new product. Making new connections or re-establishing old ones are also on the list of hair show benefits. Most important benefit of going to a hair show is having fun. It is an entertaining and thrilling experience to be at one of these shows, no matter where it is held.

What Goes On At A Hair Show?

Among the many people driving, flying or even busing in to the show, you will meet stylists, students, models and interested members of the public. All of these people will be taking part in any of the hair show. There are stages for catwalk shows, competitions, workshops and demonstrations.

There are endless competitions for hair, make-up and other categories. These competitions allow professionals to try new products and techniques, as well as create and experiment with new styles. Shows provide opportunities to gain skills and knowledge needed in this industry.

Hair shows are a great way to meet the stylist celebrities, such as Guy Tang, who work on the hair of some of our favorite actors. These famous stylists have worked their way to the top of their profession by hard work and reaching for the (no pun intended) stars. Hair shows allow the public to watch professional and world-famous hairstylists work in real time, hear their tips and learn from the best.

These shows may also be a stepping stone for those interested in getting into modeling.

Are All Hair Shows Like This?

There are a wide variety of hair shows. Each show is run differently and has a different focus. There are educational shows, that just focus on learning and teaching. At these shows, there are no vendors.

You can simply focus on educating yourself and improving skills. There are also vendor shows, where you mostly do shopping and looking at new products. Many shows are a combination of both. In these, there are areas to purchase products, but also workshops held in separate rooms. You can pick what you would like to participate in and learn about.

Remember, it's not only about the hair show itself, but also about the after parties. Here, you get to schmooze with other stylists and professionals. While having a good time, you can also get to collect ideas from stylists all over the world.

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