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The Art of a Hot Towel Shave

There was a time when men headed to the barber for a time of masculine relaxation and a clean shave. You can still get that one-of-a-kind shave while letting yourself be pampered by a hot towel shave.

What is it?

It’s an affordable luxury treatment with roots deep in tradition and skill. A hot towel shave is a shaving technique where hot towels are used to soften hair and skin, an extremely close shave and a mini-face-massage.

How does it work?

Hot towels open your pores and let any impurities come to the surface. This is why hot towels are great to use before shaving. The heat of the towels softens the skin and hair, enabling a close and very clean shave.

This type of shave is closer than a shave with a store bought razor. Many men don’t realize how big the difference is between the two types of shaves until they get a hot towel shave.


A hot towel shave is even great for the skin itself. It creates relaxation as well, so you can unwind while getting a good shave. This type of shave smoothes and soothes the skin. After the shave, another hot towel will help rid your skin of impurities while moisturizing. It moisturizes the skin by soaking up the steam. Hot towels shaves also aid in the prevention of the horrible discomfort of razor burn and that after-shave redness. It also removes in-grown hairs as well asthose razor bumps. The massaging of a hot towel shave promotes relaxation and increased circulation.

Hot towel shaves not only help skin to be soft and hair to be shaved easily; it also helps treat acne and sinus issues. The hot towels open the pores and lifts out dirt and oil. It lowers inflammation and increases blood circulation. Hot towels relieve discomfort and pressure in the sinuses when there is any amount of congestion. The hot towel treatment creates humidity which helps the sinuses as well.

This shave is a time for a man to take time for himself, to relax and care for this skin and hair.

What is Involved?

A quality razor, brush and shaving cream (glycerin-based seems to work best.) A few hot towels are needed as well. The towels should be moist and as hot as you can handle.

Essential oils can be added to the hot towels to aid in different ways. Some popular oils used are eucalyptus, rosemary, lavender and peppermint.


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