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If you’ve ever endured the struggle with limp hair, here is some hope.

Tracy Stryker from Salon Allegra, has provided some help to understand this condition and tips as to what can be done about it.


There are many causes for limp hair.

The main cause for this condition is improper hair care. You need to wash, condition and groom your hair properly to prevent it from going limp.

Around the age of 20 our hair condition usually changes. . We heat and use chemical treatments. Our genetics and health issues, including stress, also play a role. And yes, even smoking has an impact on our hair.

If you have questions, ask a hair stylist. A stylist can take a look at your hair and give you advice.


Eat right!

A diet which is rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, and includes an equal amount of carbs and proteins, provides a healthy, balanced diet.

Mediterranean foods like olive oil, fish and other seafood are good to include in your diet, all have benefits for your hair and health. Make sure you drink plenty of water too.

Another way to prevent limp hair is to use the correct styling tools and products.


Here are some easy tips to help with limp hair.

  • Use a shampoo with a thickening formula. This will add strength, body and volume to your hair and any weak ends.

  • A deep conditioner with reconstructive proteins should also be used once a week. This conditioner will improve your hair’s structure.

  • If you use any heating utensils it is a good idea to use a heat protector in your hair. The protector will also enhance the shine.

  • Get a good hair cut! The right hair cut and colour can make an amazing difference. For both men and women, think about getting a shorter, more textured cut. A layered bob, and some colour would look nice on ladies. When you colour your hair, the colour adds thickness to the thin hair, and naturally adds more volume.

As always, speak to your hair stylist. If you have any questions or need advice. Your hair should match your personality, which is anything but limp!

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