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Brows and Lashes Tinting is a Game-Changer

On average makeup routine only takes most ladies around seven minutes, but about four of those minutes are spent perfecting my brows. So to get the look I‘m going for takes time and concentration in the morning. Between the tweezer clean up, the brushing, and the penciling in, the time adds up.

Tinting eyebrows and eyelashes gives the eyes definition. it lasts 4-6 weeks and you have will have a quicker morning routine. Brows accentate the eyes and the lashes appear clearly longer and voluminous. Redefine your beauty at Salon Allegra.

eyebrow , tinting could be the perfect solution. Eyelash tinting is the dyeing of your eyelashes to make them look darker. It will last for 4-6 weeks so you will need touch-ups every month or two to keep your lashes the shade you want. $20

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